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Pollutant valuation algorithm, a smart way to calculate infrastructural cost based on hidden supply-chain data…

In coal mining, a cage canary was used as an early warning indicator of harmful gas build-up in mines. Yet, not all the miners could see the canary. Nor did management, located outside of the mine, have information from inside the mine to coordinate a rescue.

What if a process allowed all employees – both inside and outside of the mine – see the canary in real-time?

The modern day canary is a bioassay, sensitive to more than 1,000 pollutants. Our integrated hardware system uses the bioassay to provide instant assessments of hazardous conditions. Our associated pollutant valuation algorithm provides crucial information to exposed individuals, as well as to first responders, so they can better mitigate damages before they occur. To continue reading...

About Us

Founded in 2006, Secured Environment is an energy advisory and consulting firm headquartered in Mountain View, California.

We are a risk management consulting firm that helps clients with asset protection against emerging risks arising from activities associated with the production and consumption of energy.

We specialize in assessments associated with projects involving alternative energy, green building, sustainable transportation, waste-to-energy recovery, and other social investments relating to energy and the environment.

We provide independent valuations and analyses of investment opportunities so investors can make informed decisions based on complete and unbiased information.

Our assessment methodology enables us to separately quantify the financial impacts of projects and policies – such as corporate green policies – at the operational or generator level, and our proprietary methodology ensures that environmental and social responsibility reports are accurate and impartial.

Secured Environment

Secured Environment 2006年成立于加州山景城,是一家为客户提供替代能源, 绿色建筑, 可持续使用的交通工具, 废物能源转化等等所有关于能源生产与消耗的投资风险评估的咨询公司。

我们提供独立的投资估值和风险分析, 以便投资者可以最全面客观的信息作明智的决策.

我们的评估方法能够独立量化项目与政策带来的财务影响 - 如企业的环保政策。我们独有的方法能确保环境和社会责任报告的准确性和公正性。