Secured Environment

Mountain View, California



We offer risk management consulting services for purposes of asset protection against emerging risks arising from activities associated with the production and consumption of energy.

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We focus on five main areas:

  • Emerging Risk Modeling: Strategic planning aimed at corporate executives for purposes of maintaining normal operations after an unplanned release or other disaster has occurred.

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  • Asset Valuation & ROI Calculations: Strategic planning aimed at property owners and infrastructure operators for purposes of protecting asset values when faced with risks of unplanned releases or other disasters.

  • Pollution Valuation: Financial resource management aimed at parties authorized to manage cleanup and restore operations after an unplanned release or other disaster has occurred.

  • Emissions and Fuel Inventory Accounting Management: Strategic and financial assessment aimed at transportation company executives for purposes of managing and accounting for energy supplies, fuel inventories, and pollutant emissions.

  • New Promotional Offerings: Strategic and financial assessment aimed at clients exploring investments or new offerings.



  • 新兴市场风险建模:发生意外释放或其他灾害后维持正常运作为目的的企业高管战略规划。

  • 资产评估及投资回报率计算:面对意外泄漏或其他灾害时,以保护业主和基础设施运营商的资产价值为目的的战略规划。

  • 污染估价:面对意外泄漏或其他灾害后清理和恢复营运的财务资源管理。

  • 排放和燃油存货核算管理:以管理和核算能源供应,燃油库存和污染物排放为目的的战略和财务评估。

  • 新的投资探讨与估价服务:旨在服务探讨投资或新产品的客户的战略和财务评估。